Of course. If you're not happy with something, or need a different size, let us know via our contact page. We'll do our best to solve the problem. Refunds are available, no questions asked. Above all else - we want you to be happy.

Custom Themed shirts?

Definitely. We can design anything you might want and integrate our logo. Get a hold of us via our contact page, let's work together.

More products?

They're coming. We're working on getting stringers, joggers, hats and beanies. We're a small operation, and getting custom products produced takes some time.

Worldwide shipping?

Yep. And we make it as cheap as we possibly can.

Where is your clothing made?

We use a trusted DTG (direct-to-garment) supplier in Iowa. Products are printed and shipped from there. The threads themselves come from all over the world.

Do the prints need special care?

Only for the first wash. We recommend washing before wearing, as DTG printing leaves a minor odor when the ink cures. Wash inside out at least the first time to help lock-in the print.

What sizes are the garments cut to?

Most of our tops are high-quality Bella/Canvas pieces. Women's pieces will be branded Bella, and Men's will be branded Canvas. The exception are the hoodies, which are standard-cut Gildan. Below you'll find a Bella/Canvas size guide that applies to most of what we have listed in the store.