It's getting real.

Posted by Joe Messenger on

Hey, updates!

Peter and I have been spending a lot of time working out the odds and ends of what were trying to get done. Getting this site up to snuff was my second full-time job for a little while. This is our first post written on the new back end! It has been about a year since Peter came to me about the concept that ultimately became NTBY. This hasn’t moved as fast as we thought it would, but we’ve sold some shirts (yay!) and we’re caught within the throws of running a side business.

We’re still very exited about Not the Best Yet. The very thought that this philosophy could be the foundation upon which one could approach anything in life – it gives us shivers. That said, now that the technical side is about straitened out, we still have so much work to do. We’ve learned a lot over the past year. Most of the lessons had to do with handling suppliers, but several of them were working out how to talk about our brand. How to represent it.

NTBY is a movement, in our minds.

Today, SSL is being installed to our server. We’ve got a new DTG supplier on board, and our selection is going to rapidly grow from here on out. We’ve got some great ideas for shirt graphics that we think are pretty funny. The Facebook campaign is began today and we’re going to try to grow our base there. Peter is networking like crazy and I’m learning as much about code, fabrics, and prints as I can.

Join us. Let’s do this thing and get the word out!